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Our selection process is rigorous, rapid and thoroughly two-way. We want you to have every opportunity to assess whether JacMac+ is right for you and, we will, of course, assess your fit with us.
Our approach maximises value to both of us while ensuring we use your time effectively and move you through the process swiftly. Throughout, we will be responsive and transparent. Applicants not selected through to the next stage will have the opportunity for telephone feedback if they wish.
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What are we looking for?

We’re looking for Australian qualified lawyers with over 2 years post qualification experience who are self-employed or who intend to become self-employed.
We’re interested in a wide range of legal skills. All of those that align with Jackson McDonald’s practice areas are of interest.
We’re looking for friendly human beings who don’t leave their personality at the door when they come to work! We want effective communicators who enjoy meeting new people, addressing new challenges and adapting to change. We’re after people who are tenacious, resilient and self-motivated.
If this is you, we’re interested in receiving your application!

What is the selection process?

  • Application form

    Complete and submit the online application form.

  • Psychometric test

    A 30 minute online questionnaire that helps us understand whether your behaviours match the requirements of freelancing.

  • Face-to-face interview

    1 hour meeting with a member of the JacMac+ team and a Jackson McDonald partner. At this meeting, we will explore your technical skills and will discuss the results of the online questionnaire. We will also start to discuss a realistic and mutually agreeable range of rates within which you will consider assignments.

  • Offer

    A formal offer is made by email to successful applicants and those that wish to accept send an email in response.

  • References

    The offer to join the hub is subject to two references which we take over the phone.

  • A JacMac+ consultant

    Now you’re part of the JacMac+ hub. Once onboarding is completed, you’re ready to be considered for assignments.

About Us

We are a hub of self-employed lawyers providing WA organisations with a new way to manage their legal risk.

We fulfil temporary assignments within our clients’ businesses and offer high quality legal resource when it is needed it with no overheads when it’s not. By combining the best of new approaches with the benefits of an established, high quality law firm, we offer the best of both worlds.

As our name suggests, we add extra, we provide more.

Contact Info

(+61) 8 6323 6988


Level 17, 225 St Georges Terrace
Perth, Western Australia, 6000