What does JacMac+ provide?

Is life as a JacMac+ consultant right for me?

Despite its obvious attractions, working as a freelance consultant is not for everyone and it's important to understand whether it will suit you. If you identify with most or all of the following statements, consulting through JacMac+ could be for you:
If you're already working as an independant lawyer, deciding on whether JacMac+ is right for you may be straightforward. If you're considering a career change to freelancing, the decision may take longer. That's perfectly natural. Our team are happy to provide you with a frank view, help you weigh-up your options and put you in touch with other consultants who have made the leap. If you think being a JacMac+ consultant is right for you then follow the apply now link below to our registration page. If you still have some questions then contact a friendly team member who will be happy to chat things through with you.
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How do I become a JacMac+ consultant?

Congratulations you're now a JacMac+ consultant.

We will be in touch and work closely with you to find the right assignment for you.

About Us

We are a hub of self-employed lawyers providing WA organisations with a new way to manage their legal risk.

We fulfil temporary assignments within our clients’ businesses and offer high quality legal resource when it is needed it with no overheads when it’s not. By combining the best of new approaches with the benefits of an established, high quality law firm, we offer the best of both worlds.

As our name suggests, we add extra, we provide more.

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Perth, Western Australia, 6000